Introduction to Applications of Atomic Habits

Let me make this very clear that this is NOT a summary of the book "Atomic Habits" and this is not just another blog post that tells you what is mentioned in the book, highlighting the important stuff. If you're here for something like that, then I'm sorry to disappoint you

What is this?

This is my understanding of the book "Atomic Habits", things that I understood in my own weird way, things that I included/ changed in my life, after reading this book. In short, this is my journey of reading "Atomic Habits" that I'm super duper thrilled to share with you.

Why Applications?

i think that self-help books are awesome to read and bring spectacular changes in your life, ONLY when you apply them. This series is my take on how did I apply the principles and what was the impact, are the principles mentioned really that good? I would love for you to check that out